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The Wonderful Life of a Bee

Island Pollinators “The Wonderful Life of a Bee” is our terrestrial (land-based) film that follows the life of pollinators across Guernsey and Sark. We will introduce viewers to ‘the wonderful life of a bee’ opening up their world, showing you their journeys, relationships and the crucial service they provide to all.


Observing pollinators of all shapes and sizes we will map out the fascinating interactions of insects and bring you into a micro-world of teaming life, filled with chaos and wonder.

Through striking cinematography and interviews with those working on the front line of conservation we re-frame and explore practical self-directed experiences of nature that promote appreciation of our islands and means to integrate positive action in real life.

This educational film seeks to inform and inspire. Encourage viewers to take action to protect wildlife both at home and in our surrounding environment. We create captivating educational films that inform and inspire people to take action to protect wildlife at home and in our surrounding areas following the principle of conservation optimism.

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