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Breathe Deep In Nature ✦ A Sneak Peek

This is an observation of wonder and intrigue, exploring our emotional attachment and connection to nature. Imagery that resonates, depicting collective memories of the real, physical and natural world.

❛In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.❜ - Baba Dioum

Observing Sperm Whales.

A whale the size of a London bus seems small in the vastness of the ocean, yet up close their presence is mesmerising, transcending any other encounter with any other living thing.

❛The ocean is a living paradox of calm and chaos.❜

In the heart of nature's chaos lies a breathtaking beauty that defies conventional understanding. The interplay of seemingly disordered elements creates a mesmerising tapestry, where life thrives amidst unpredictability.

❛ In the ocean, we find the essence of life, a symphony of survival and connection.❜

Humanities imposed order on nature often obscures the innate harmony that exists within its complexity. Do we dare disturb the universe that sustains us?

This montage is made up of material we recorded while in São Miguel, walking through some of the themes and ascetics we will be exploring with our current film.

⚠️ According to the regional legislation, swimming with whales and other cetaceans that are not dolphins is forbidden in the Azores. This work was performed under the authorization n° 03-ORAC-2023 issued by the Government, on the date: 22/04/23.


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