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Mola mola | @ocean_phoebe

@ocean_phoebe | Phoebe | scuba instructor | artist

Phoebe is a scuba instructor and artist creating content to educate others about the life in our seas.

A photo of me taken at the ISAY Liberty wreck in tulamben Bali.

Being able to explore Bali has been a dream. I have seen many healthy reefs and such a diverse array of creatures as well as some pretty spectacular wrecks all whilst meeting incredible divers along the way.

I began diving in March 2022 and since then my life has changed in so many positive ways. It has brought so much joy and excitement to each day. I just want to learn as much as possible about the ocean and the creatures that live within it. I use art as a way of sharing my knowledge and learning myself. Creating things such as poster helps me to learn about different creatures I have encountered in the ocean.

A photo taken of me during my open water course at blue season Bali. This photo captures the moment that I knew I was supposed to be a diver! A moment that made me feel like a child again and that dreams really can come true.

Phoebe creates videos about the wildlife she encounters to inform others about the species in the sea. This video tells us all about the Mola mola Sunfish.

I love to create reels that include facts about different creatures I have encountered. This helps me learn about them in a fun way and also I am able to share it on my instagram for others to see. Creating like this is a great way for me to, inspire and teach others, being able to combine my passion for the ocean and for art and design. This is an amazing opportunity for me to introduce others into the wonderful world that I live.

I begun designing t-shirts for dive centres and many divers after I was given the opportunity to design a new t-shirt for the dive centre I did all my training at. This has been a fun way to bond with people and to find out what they really love about the ocean. Being able to listen to other people passions and create something that they love is an amazing feeling and brings many amazing opportunities.


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