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The Blue is a short wildlife documentary-film that explores the stunning marine biodiversity in the waters of the Channel Islands, focusing on the seagrass surrounding the shores of Guernsey, vast pods of dolphins passing through our waters and Atlantic bluefin tuna returning and hunting far off-shore. 


The Blue is also a celebration of our marine-life and the people working to protect the species and habitats off our coast. The film features interviews with local conservationists, who share their passion for the island's wildlife and the work they do to preserve it. The film serves as a tribute to the dedication and hard work of these individuals and a call to action for others to join in this work. 

We speak to Dr Mel Broardhurst-Allen about the Bailiwick Eelgrass Exploration Project or BEEP and Zuzanna Soltysiak who research bottlenose dolphins in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The film is narrated by Liz Sweet.


The making of The Blue was a collaborative effort, with volunteers contributing their time and skills to the project. The film was produced by Wild Islands, a group of volunteers dedicated to promoting conservation in the Channel Islands. The team worked tirelessly to capture stunning footage of Guernsey's marine life, and the result is a visually stunning tribute to our island's natural beauty.

If you would like to watch or organise a screening of The Blue please get in touch. 


With thanks to The Biodiversity Partnership, La Société, Channel Islands Insurance Corporation, PAC. 

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