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 'A Wild Islands Experience' on Thursday 11th July, 6.30pm at the Performing Arts Centre


Liz Sweet live narrates an immersive film; Biodiversity, conservation and you. Launch yourself into the world of wildlife just outside your door, explore the importance of islands around the globe and dive into seas that sustain us all. 

With over an hour of Wildlife Film from our islands and beyond this will be a night of amazement, wonder and conversation. 

We are currently fundraising for future films to document wildlife and create educational content for future generations.


With this aim we have three Ticket options;

  • Admission

  • Admission + Supporter Pack 

  • Admission + Supporter Pack + Donation


(Supporter Pack included posters, a Wild Islands Booklet, spotters guides and a ticket to exclusive digital content)

Get your tickets here 👇

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