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An ocean lover exploring Islands in Indonesia

@gemma_undersea exploring Gili Islands | Wild Islands

Gemma, a 26-year-old diver living in Indonesia, has a deep passion for the oceans and marine life. Her curiosity about the underwater world has been a constant driving force, propelling her desire to explore its mysteries.

The special connection Gemma shares with nature holds a unique significance, rendering her vulnerable yet fostering an understanding of the world around her.

“Diving has opened so many doors for me, and I am forever grateful for being able to follow my passion and my dreams.”

@gemma_undersea exploring Gili Islands | Wild Islands @gemma_undersea exploring Gili Islands | Wild Islands

Turtle captured in Gili Trawangan 🐢

"These photos capture my very first dive in Gili Trawangan, where I teamed up with the fantastic crew at Manta Dive Gili T (they're seriously the best). It was a game-changer, being in sync with the ocean and all its incredible marine life. That's when my love for diving kicked in. And can we talk about sea turtles? They're my absolute favorites. I'm so into them that I even got a tattoo (got a couple more animal ones, but sea turtles are at the top)."

The Gili Islands - A haven for wildlife

Photo by Atilla Taskiran

The Gili Islands collectively form a stunning archipelago off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia. Comprising Gili Trawangan, Gili Air, and Gili Meno, these islands are celebrated for their idyllic beaches, vibrant coral reefs, and a tranquil atmosphere.

Gili Trawangan Photo by Danny de Groot

Gili Trawangan is the largest of the three Gili Islands. Known for its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant coral reefs, Gili Trawangan has become a popular destination for travelers seeking a laid-back island atmosphere and excellent diving opportunities. The island is car-free, with transportation primarily relying on bicycles and horse-drawn carts. Visitors can enjoy a mix of beach activities, water sports, and a lively nightlife scene, making Gili Trawangan a well-rounded tropical getaway for those looking to relax and explore the underwater wonders of the surrounding seas.

Where the Gili Islands are located

Ocean Lover

This is what an ocean lover photo album looks like: ocean, ocean and ocean!

"All these videos were taken around Indonesia, the place I call home now. I have been living in Bali for 2 years and I am so grateful to this island for getting me closer to my passions and my love for the ocean and marine life."

@gemma_undersea exploring Gili Islands | Wild Islands

"As the daughter of a diver and a surfer my parents always made me get out in the water. This is where my love for the ocean was born. Even though for some years it was hidden in the back of my heart, while I was pursuing other interests, it was always there and now it's even stronger than before. That's why I caption these pictures as "me in my habitat", because when I am underwater, I just feel like I am in the right place, at the right time."

Diving in Moyo Island and Sumbawa

“Diving in Moyo Island and Sumbawa revealed the essence of a healthy coral reef. Witnessing vibrant colours and diverse marine life was incredible.”

Coral bleaching is a significant threat, and it's crucial to take every possible measure to protect these reefs and the species that depend on them. Coral reefs play vital roles, producing oxygen, providing habitat for numerous marine species, and sustaining the marine food chain. Without them, ocean degradation will accelerate, leading to serious consequences for us.

“The beauty of Sumbawa presented me with different marine animals, including species I had never encountered before! During a dive, as I admired the fishes and corals, my dive buddy urgently tried to get my attention. To my amazement, right beside me, a colossal manta ray gracefully ascended from the ocean floor. It was a truly beautiful sight, almost like a dream. The expression in my dive buddy's eyes mirrored the priceless moment of witnessing that majestic manta ray. Later, on the boat, he mentioned that spotting manta rays in Moyo Island is rare, and encountering one alone is even more extraordinary.”


As we delve into stories from Wild Islands around the world, we're diving into wildlife, conservation, and coastal habitat. These islands, spread across different places, are home to unique ecosystems that are critically important to global ecosystems and species.

Our focus is not just on how amazing these islands and habitats are but on why we need to protect them. We're going to dig into the science of conservation – what's working, what's tough, and why it matters to keep these wild islands in good shape.


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