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A Wild Islands Experience - Biodiversity, Conservation and You  

In 2023 we premiered “Wild Islands - The Blue”, a locally made short documentary film exploring the marine life around our islands. In the film we follow pods of dolphins, explore the hidden world of seagrass meadows and highlight amazing conservation efforts taking place across our islands.

In 2024 we are launching ‘A Wild Islands Experience’ A live event of immersive film and narration from oceanographer Liz Sweet.

Our first event will be held at the Performing Arts Centre on Friday 19th April, from 6.30pm. You can book tickets here -

Liz Sweet live narrates an immersive film; Biodiversity, conservation and you. Launch yourself into the world of wildlife just outside your door, explore the importance of islands around the globe and dive into seas that sustain us all. 

Following on from the success of ‘The Blue’ we will be delivering a more in-depth, detailed exploration of wildlife across our islands and the crucial importance of island biodiversity here and around the globe. With footage of dolphins, seals, gannets and more this is an event packed with information about wildlife for everyone. 

​With over an hour of Wildlife Film from our islands and beyond this will be a night of amazement, wonder and conversation. 


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